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Online Branded Content.

Connect with new customers through social media, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

What we offer

Social media has now become the most effective way to share video content. It is important that your business has regular branded content to share with current and future customers and video content is at the forefront.

The old methodology of blatantly selling a product to a potential customer is becoming redundant. That’s not to say that such content doesn’t still have a place, it does but more increasingly content marketing is proving more effective. What is content marketing? The subtle placement of your product in content that is usually orientated more towards selling a lifestyle than the specific product itself. For example you might have watched a travel show where the hosts drive to a tropical beach destination. Included in that drive are subtle shots of the car and a quick but lasting reference to that car such as ‘…driving in the latest (car model) is really something. The power, luxury and comfort has made this journey so enjoyable’. The travel company was most likely paid for that product placement. Once you look for it you will see it everywhere. Cooking shows, travel shows, big budget movies, etc. Another example is of selling a lifestyle. If you sell a camping product, creating a video of people camping, enjoying the great outdoors, laughing, smiling, having a good time and using your camping product creates a positive association within your customers. By purchasing that product your customers are actually buying into the associated lifestyle and identity that you have created through your content.

Creating content that tells your story and builds your business through lifestyle branded content marketing is one of our passions. Woven Motion offer a range of solutions for online branded content. Contact us to arrange a meeting and start building the story of your brand.

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