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Zak Pitter

Noodle soup obsessed. Skateboarding enthusiast. Dreams of a New York trip.

Zak was born in London in the 80’s and was raised in Hawaii.

He travelled and lived between Bali, Glastonbury, Hawaii & Australia until his early 20’s, and was exposed to a variety of cultures and lifestyles that contributed to his natural flare for style, authentic self expression, and individuality.

Many friends were made, coconuts drunk, seas swum in, rice paddy’s woven between and festivals enjoyed.

All of this was pre social media, so his only way of documenting his travels was on disposable cameras & his trusty Sony vx, capturing tons of skate footage and all manner of crazy adventures, giving him a keen eye for artistic composition, and atmosphere.

Zak was part of the Bristol, UK skate scene circa 90’s/00’s and was involved in the making of various skate films, including Fifty Fifty’s Jus Foolin’.

Craving sunnier climates, Zak migrated to Australia with his wife & children.

His life long passion for skateboarding, and a need to create, eventually lead him to establish FREE MAN Skateboarding with his friend, Zac.

With Dylan on board FREE MAN Skateboarding created their first short film, Coffee Run, which debuted in march 2015.

The film received 15,000 views on Facebook within days and it became clear the three of them made a good team and could offer a unique set of skills between them.

Woven Motion was born.

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