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Under a Crescent Moon

Branded Content

Under a crescent moon, where the ocean meets the land, relax to an evening of delicious food, cocktails, softly strummed tunes and laughter.

Loni Jane instagram.com/lonijane
Lisa Smith instagram.com/lisadanielle__
Emily Hutchinson instagram.com/emelinaah
Sabrina Sterk instagram.com/sabrinasterk

Dressed by Yöli & Otis instagram.com/yoli_and_otis
Tableware by Kinfolk & Co. instagram.com/kinfolkandco
Flowers supplied by Victoria Fitzgibbon instagram.com/victoriafitzgibbon
Music ‘My Style’ by Bobby Alu instagram.com/bobby_alu
Food by Sabrina Sterk instagram.com/thehealthgurugirl
Cake by Heidi Briggs instagram.com/heidi.flora
Gin by Ink Gin instagram.com/ink_gin
Kombucha by The Probiotic Kitchen instagram.com/probiotic_kitchen
Cocktails by Carlo Letica instagram.com/carloand_co
Cushions by Pampa instagram.com/wearepampa
Drone footage by Byron Smith instagram.com/byron.photography

Filmed at Little Wategoes, Byron Bay


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